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Peter Gilbert

for Wisconsin State Senate - 7th District
Passion - Experience - Leadership

 Build a better state for a better tomorrow


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My Platform

Friends, please visit the different pages on this site for more information and ideas


I am running as a candidate for State Senate, against Sen. Chris Larson (D). Being very dedicated, I firmly believe I have the experience to bring about a change we need to bring back America to where she should be.


I came out of retirement to do my best to help all Wisconsinites enjoy a better future. Please support our other like-minded candidates.

Constitution Carry for law-abiding citizens but mandatory sentences for felony committing crimes with illegal guns. More funding for counseling for people who should not be carrying weapons.

Human trafficking I will support legislation for women under 18 to not be charged for prostitution. Trafficking is out of control because the breakdown of law and order is out of control at our Southern Border because of the cartels.

I would like to see more accountability for superintendents of school districts that underperform.

Universal School Choice so parents my choose the school their children attend. Public or private. I am very concerned the way our children are being indoctrinated instead of learning to read and write and learn about the world as I did.

We are all alarmed by the way weak DA's release criminals back on the street. I will work to help our law enforcement prevail with the funding to keep us all safe. Reckless driving needs to be dealt with because we are all vulnerable

I will update this ideas section regularly because ideas are always evolving.

I posted videos to show my perseverance and

care to rescue people in danger. As a former medic, I have aided accident victims at the scene when aid was not available. When one drove as I did, I came across many accident scenes.

Driving a million miles made me tenacious and to never give up the quest for dreams.


Please read my Life experience, especially on health care, on the Meet Peter page and positions on the Platform page.

Wauwatosa Schoolboard meeting


More of my Future Legislation Proposals


I attended Monday Night's Wauwatosa Schoolboard Meeting

I attended the Wauwatosa meeting last night I got an actual seat in the boardroom. Eric Toney, (R) Candidate for AG, and I were the only significant candidates, running in November, to attend. After it ended I huddled in the corridor with Eric, Scarlett Johnson, and Amber Schroeder from Moms for Liberty.

The 1 dissenting board member very late in the meeting had a King Solomon moment when he made a motion to return on Sept 26, with a choice of curriculum. To carry this out would have needed a huge effort. 

Indoctrination of our schoolchildren. since I went online I am paying attention to what is occurring in our national public schools. I am appalled how the children are being forcefed with sexual instruction too strong for their ages. This is inappropriate and the Wauwatosa Schoolboard is holding a meeting, this Monday, August 22nd, evening. I shall be present to observe. This is to see what we can do as legislators if their plans are too extreme. I will report my findings anyway.

Accessibility. Being disabled with the need to walk around safely with a rollator, I look at the world of the handicapped through different lenses. I see the need for better access nationwide, but my focus will be for those of us in Wisconsin. I will propose access starting with our State Capitol, which has been difficult in the galleries where we legislate. This is the People's building, and that means all of us. We need to work with Madison to improve handicap parking close to the Capitol.


I recently discovered at a farmers market that limited parking around the town square was because of state regulations, not the municipalities. I believe, they should have jurisdiction, not waiting for the state for permission. Private companies have a different mandate.


Direct Primary Care, is the solution for Medicaid, which is not the solution for Wisconsin. Many states accepted the funding from the Federal government only to be paid later out of their own budgets. Medicaid is not good for doctors because of the very low reimbursement. This in turn leads to patients not having the access they deserve. Direct Primary Care allows the State to pre-pay the physician to see the patients when they need care. Some may go once a month, and some with issues may go as an example 3 times. This also discourages patients from seeking care in hospital emergency rooms, with long waiting times and huge expenses. For those who apply for Badger Care. Already a great success, in Texas for its Medicaid recipients


Infant mortality is sad in any nation but especially in America because there is not enough education on nutrition which is a contributing factor. More of this needs to be taught in ur schools instead of some of the other subjects that are less valuable.


Milwaukee Public Health Dept. offers excellent programs for expectant mothers. I inquired at their booths on MLK Dr., on Junteenth Day.

Home phone: 414-539-3333

I wish to thank all the voters who took the time to choose me, in our election, on November 8. Now we must support the outcome. Furthermore, I want to recognize Sen. Chris Larson, my honorable opponent for an enjoyable race. 

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