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Every person in Wisconsin is a constituent 

I grew up in England under Socialism and prefer my freedom that is being eroded

away. Knowledge of socialized medicine. In 1973, ss an experienced combat medic, saved many wounded, including many wounded Egyptians. I was in command of relief for the beleaguered Egyptian 3rd Army. Served on various Veterans committees, both state and local. Advised The White House on avoiding friendly fire casualties before the start of the Desert Storm ground war. Volunteered at the VA, before Covid. 


Now I have come out of retirement to save America from the downward spiral we are now in. As a Senator, I will have an impact on the good welfare of all Wisconsinites. I do Community Service Collected and in Oct 2021, I delivered many supplies to the Afghan refugees to the Sparta Nationam Guard Armory, for distribution at Fort McCoy.

Owned my insurance business for 30 years, specializing, in Health, Disability and Long Term Care. I am still offering advice to our legislature. Have advocated for 3 State Bills that were signed into Law. Campaigned in every election, since 2004 with the exception of the February 2017, primaries because I was sick. Always campaigned for all the candidates on the ballot in a given area.


Have advocated for 3 State Bills that were signed into Law


1.) Long-Term Care Insurance Partnership Program, reducing the burden of Title 19 from Taxpayers. I requested Senator Alberta Darling introduced this to Wisconsin, similar to other states.

2.) Testified on behalf of the Iron-Ore Mine, in Northern Wisconsin.

3.) Testified to support the State’s Anti-BDS Law (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) against Israel if conducting business with the State of Wisconsin.


Like my business, I respond to inquiries. Very involved in local and Foreign Policy affecting Wisconsin. The war in Ukraine causing hardship to our farmers because of the high prices of both fuel and available fertilizer. Every person in Wisconsin is also a constituent.


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