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Running for Our Very Freedom & Rights


Universal School Choice, for our children


Real Bail for and Sentences for Crime, our right to safety. More Police Funding


Protecting Rights of The Unborn


Our 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms


Parental Rights for our children at school, no more indoctrination

Direct Primary Care: The doctor will see you now, instead of Medicaid Expansion


Better accessibility for the Disabled

As a Citizen Legislator, only Serve 2-Terms



I am running as a candidate for State Senate, against Sen. Chris Larson (D). Being very dedicated, I firmly believe I have the experience to bring about a change we need to bring back America to where she should be.


I came out of retirement to do my best to help all Wisconsinites enjoy a better future. Please support me in the August 9, Primary.

One of My Concerns

I am concerned about the State's ability to produce sufficient electricity given the current and growing demand. What comes after the extension for the power plants expires? As we move toward an increase in electric consumption with electric cars, how can we continue to close power plants?

I am concerned about electricity shortages from the eventual closure of power plants. I just returned from S. Dakota & Minnesota, with no wind for their turbines. These policies sound so wonderful, but the 7th Senate District would have the greatest impact. We have many constituents in Milwaukee who have to park on the city streets. Furthermore, they have to park on remote lots during snow storms. How are they going to re-charge these vehicles at night? 

When these workers return home from a hard day's work, they will cook on electric stoves instead of natural gas. Because I have an analytical mind, I want to know where all this electricity comes from. It certainly does not come from the plug, in the wall! 

In addition, one of the 3 coal-fired plants that just was granted a temporary lease on life is also in the 7th District down in Oak Creek. 

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